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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

CJ meets John Mozeliak & gets Private Busch Stadium Tour

Posted by   CJ

I got to participate in an amazing opportunity. Through work, I was able to participate in a seminar hosted by one of our vendors. The seminar would take place at Busch Stadium and would include a presentation by John Mozeliak (GM for the St. Louis Cardinals) on Technology and Baseball and include a tour of Busch Stadium!

Though only for about 15-20 minutes, John Mozeliak presented to a group of about 60 of us in the St. Louis Cardinals Private Office Suite. The room we were in had a bar with several TVs in this large area room along with 3 small conference rooms. This room is also where John Mozeliak and the Cardinals Employees work during Draft Day. The topic was Technology in Baseball. Here were some highlights:

- Technology in the game of baseball in regards to the analytic metrics of players has made investment decisions in players much easier.
- We invest in the Cardinals for every year as a goal to win 90 games in a season. Even though the Cards only won 86 in 2016, they felt that was pretty successful.
- The Cardinals have sustained success because of what they invest in the minor league system since they can't compete with the big market teams in free agency.
- The Cardinals are studying the performance of Rugby players in New Zealand and Australia to measure similarities to baseball players using metrics and analytics.
- The Cardinals keep front office staff tight in terms of spending to provide the front office staff with more "skin in the game."
- John Mozeliak doesn't believe Umpires will be leaving the game due to strike zone camera still having inconsistencies, the fact the umpires are in a union, and would take away a human element still needed in the game.
- Work ethic and personality are very little importance when considering a player. It is almost all based on metrics and analytics of players and how much they cost to invest.
- The Cardinals use a program called "Trackman" to gather their analytics of all their players in all levels of the organization. The program collects 2 weeks of data and the program takes over 48 hours to run, compile, and deliver the results of the analytics!
- John Mozeliak is always focused on the upcoming year, 3 years, and 5 years out.
- Technology has helped litigate the Cardinals risk.

After the presentation, I later had the chance to go on a tour of Busch Stadium. First, I got a chance to go in the press box where John Rooney and Mike Shannon sit and call the games on KMOX. Did you know that Mike Shannon sits on a large RED exercise ball when he calls the games? Next, we were on the 2nd level looking down at the Stan Musial statue outside one of the gate entrances to the stadium. Stan "The Man" had 3,630 hits in his career. Did you know around the gate near his statue, there are exactly 3,630 marked bricks on the ground of the entrance?

The tour wrapped up on the field where I got to enter and sit in the Cardinals dugout! It sure was an incredible feeling to sit where so many Cardinals have sat over some great past 10 years of the stadium's history!


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