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Happy 11th Anniversary

Celebrating with Paul McCartney at Busch Stadium

Posted by   CJ

Mary and I had the most wonderful evening as we had the opportunity to see Paul McCartney at Busch Stadium on our actual Wedding Anniversary! This really was the best way to celebrate our 11th Year Anniversary. After all, Busch Stadium is home to the 11 Time World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals! But instead of your typical Cardinal game, Busch Stadium was filled with probably 4 generations of people to watch one of the greatest musician legends of all time: Paul McCartney. This was both of our first time to see this former Beatle legend! At 73 years old, he had such charismatic character and was respectful to his fellow musicians he played with, paying tribute to past musicians, and acknowledging the fans with great thanks!

The effort to build the stage for this concert was incredible to hear about as well. It took nearly 3 days to build the set and was delivered by 32 semi trucks! The laser lights and special effects were remarkable, with at one time it looked like Paul was standing on a waterfall and then a background that looked like an old abandon house to when they played a number of songs acoustically. The stage had 2 large high definition monitors that were crystal clear to see even from our long distance from the stage sitting behind home plate in Section 434 Row 8. There were fireworks that went off too one time during the concert and for the finale that made the St. Louis Cardinal Fireworks look like something I could try to pull off myself in my backyard!

And just like our wedding day where we rode a golf cart on the way to our hotel, we rode another not typical mode of transportation on our anniversary on the way to the concert. A rickshaw! The guy pulling us on the bike was very friendly and had some pretty bad jokes. Like this one: What do you call a bear without teeth? A gummy bear! LOL!

Ok, I probably should end this post on that note :) What a fun anniversary and we look forward to more fun adventures to share!

Thanks for Reeding


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