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Welcome Joanna Elizabeth!

Posted by   CJ

Announcing Joanna Elizabeth! Born on August 24th @ 2:30 am. She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 3/4" in length.

Her arrival was quite a story and things didn't exactly go as planned.

August 23rd - 6pm: Mary's contractions were started to really come closer apart and stronger, the midwife was called for advice and we were told she needed to rest as much as possible as things could continue into the night and would need her rest and strength.

August 23rd - 8pm: Mary and I had a late dinner and she continues to rest while contractions grow stronger

August 24th - 1:30am: Mary's contractions are stronger but still 8 minutes apart. I have stayed up with her in the morning to provide her comfort during her contractions which have become very painful.

August 24th - 2am: Mary decided it's time to head to the hospital. I call the midwife who is on call. She tells me that she and a nurse should be able to meet us at the Mercy birthing center in the next half hour. I then proceed to gather our things to get ready for us to leave.

August 24th - 2:15am: Mary asks if we can finally leave, I shared I need to get my shoes on and then we can go ahead and go. After getting my shoes on and asking her to get out of bed and get ready to leave, she shares with me that she can't leave and that the baby appears to be getting ready to come. "CJ, call 911!!" Completely in shock that this is happening, I proceed to grab my cell and dial 911 to inform my wife is in heavy labor and that we need assistance. They share with me that help is on the way.

August 24th - 2:20am: A police offer arrives to check on us. In the meantime, I am on the phone with the dispatcher and is providing me instructions such as "grab towels, tell your wife to lay on her back, have her breathe slowly." Mary continues to share that the baby is coming!

August 24th - 2:25am: The paramedics arrive and I then was asked to hang up my call with the dispatcher. The paramedics were evaluating Mary's condition and were considering getting ready to try and help her get moved. However, the baby was already crowning. One of the paramedics, named Suzanne was taking the lead and decided that this baby is going to need to be delivered here in our bedroom! She then makes the comment, "Oh I always wanted to deliver a baby in my career" :)

August 24th - 2:30am - Suzanne the paramedic helps deliver Joanna while I hold Mary's hand. I continue to watch between all the paramedics assist with Joanna and looking at Mary and talking with her on what's going on, sharing with her that she is ok and it's all over! In a few minutes, Joanna's cord is cut and she is placed on Mary's chest after also being cleaned up.

August 24th - 2:45am - The Paramedics assist with taking Mary out of my house on a stretcher while Suzanne is holding Joanna. Suzanne tells me that I cannot go in the ambulance with her and that I will need to take my car and meet at the ER desk at Mercy. After I head back inside the house and begin planning to leave, a paramedic came back into the house and said, "Your wife wanted me to tell you not to forget her glasses." I appreciated that because I totally would have forgotten! :)

As the ambulance leaves with Joanna and Mary, I immediately get a call from Mary's cell phone which I had with me. It was the midwife which I answered, she begins to tell me that she and the nurse have arrived at the birthing center and wanted to check on Mary's progress and how far we were getting to the hospital. I then responded back in a little bit of laughter and said, "Oh, let me update you. We had a baby!" :)

August 24th - 3:00am - I drive to the ER front desk which was about a 15 minute drive from home. The midwife ended up meeting Mary and Joanna at the ER to let them know to direct them to the Birthing Center for recovery. By the time I got there, they were heading that way from the ER. I was escorted by someone from Public Safety who provided me a short car ride to the other side of the hospital campus to arrive at the front door of the hospital to head to the birthing center which was on the main floor. As I was heading in that direction, I spotted Suzanne who had just left from the birthing center. She shared with me that Mom and baby are doing great and just checked in. She gave me a big hug of congrats and was thankful that everything went well. I thanked her so much for her assistance! She said she would love to have us visit the firehouse and bring Joanna to reunite. I told that we can absolutely do that sometime! :)

Well, I reunited with Mary and Joanna, not having any idea what time it was at that point. As I mentioned, this was certainly not how we planned things to go. However we thank God so much that Mary and Joanna are ok and are continuing to recover well. They spent till Sunday afternoon (2 nights at the hospital), where we welcomed Joanna back home ;)

Thanks for Reeding and enjoy the pictures from her special day and family visits!


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